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Increase in
Automation Potential


Human Work to be
automated by 2025


What can we do for you?

Your current
manual process

Your process
automated using a robot

Your automated
process enhanced by AI

We will record your current manual process and will immeidately calculate benefits of the potentialy automated process. We will quickly implement a robot to perform your process. Robot operates noninvasively, so you won't need to change anything to applications involved in the process. Using recorded data we will train our machine learning module to be able to make complex decisions, understand a written conversation etc.

Your new, intelligently automated process

The immediate benefits:

  • More standardized process
  • Better scalability
  • Faster and 24x7 processing
  • Reduced errors
  • Reduced cost

Additional benefits include:

  • Superior governance
  • Improved security
  • Improved business continuity

Automation also delivers
new capabilities that include:

  • Centralized management
  • Better audit trail
  • Process versioning and backup

We deliver the following cutting-edge technologies

Research & implementation partner In-House product
Advanced level certified U.S. Patents pending

What customers are saying about us

"PASTE Solutions joined the Barclays Africa robotics team to implement the largest robotics deployment in South Africa. They provided very sound support to the fellow team members i.e. developers and tech leads alike. In addition, they also supported project decision making based on their technical know how, which led to improved results at all times. Their counsel was also respected at all times. During their tenure, they have trained and guided fellow colleagues, which will help the robotics program for time to come."

Nishant Maingi  |  Head Of Business Transformation  |  Barclays

"Working with PASTE Solutions is a reaffirmation of, not only what good architecture & innovative coding looks like, but also logical reasoning, good client relationship management, professionalism & possibly the most important: end-to-end quality control. In a world of Wannabe's, a definite Alreadyis."

Nikki Aldhouse  |  Program Director  |  Absa

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